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It's actually quite a simple process right?  The answer is, "yes!" if I were trying to sell a $20 toaster.  Because we are talking about cars, however, we really need more than just text and 4 small pictures. 

- Creating a craigslist account
- How to post a vehicle on craigslist
- How to use this site
- Helpful craigslist tips and tricks

Creating a craigslist account
1. Click here to create an account - https://accounts.craigslist.org/login/signup?rp=&rt=
2. craigslist will send you an email to verify your email address.  Click the link inside that email.
3. Create a password for your craigslist account
4. Congratulations, you now have an account!  For now on if you want to access your account you will go to craigslist.org and click the 'Login' link.
How to post a vehicle craigslist
1. Log in to your craigslist account - https://accounts.craigslist.org/

You will get to a page that looks like this:

3. At the top right you will see 'post new ad in:'.  Use the drop down to select what location to post to.
4. From the next page you will choose 'for sale'
5. From the next page you will choose 'cars & trucks: by dealer' or 'cars & trucks by owner' depending of if you are a car dealer or selling privately.

This will take you to your 'Posting Page'.  It looks like this:

7. NOW, using this free site you will go through and generate the code for 'POSTING DESCRIPTION'.  This free html code I provide will create a professional template to use for selling your vehicle!

For the other fields, here is a description of what they are:
Posting Title:  This is what people read when searching through the listings...make it good!
Price:  How much do you want to sell your vehicle for?
Specific Location:  This can be a city, a school, an area, your dealership name, etc.  It's wide open!
Reply to:  This will either display your email or not.  Definitely choose NOT!

9. When you are finished click the 'Continue' and follow the prompts.  Your ad will be live in minutes.
How to use this site
1. Click the 'Free Template Code' at the top of this page.
2. Click to select which template design to use.
3. Fill out the necessary vehicle information to display in the template format.
4. Complete the form by supplying the links to where your pictures are hosted. 

All pictures must be at a URL (http://www site)!  I have a link to imageshack.us available if you need to upload your vehicle pictures somewhere to get the URL addresses.
5. Your free code is generated.  Now copy it and paste it to any advertising site you created it for...it's that easy!
Helpful craigslist tips and trick
1. Create a brand new email address.  YOU WILL GET SPAMMED.  You will not want this email address to be your daily account.  Create a new gmail, yahoo, or hotmail account and check it periodically while you have your car for sale on any website.
2. Check back for more tips and tricks soon!



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