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Welcome to Cars on craigslist!    

A lot of people have searched far and wide to find an easy and FREE way to create template ads when posting on sites like craigslist.org, ebaymotors.com, backpage.com, and more!  This site is designed to provide you with just that!  No strings attached, no weeding through registrations, and no dead ends that lead to purchase only templates.

There are two pages to choose from to get started. 

Learn the Process

This page is designed for newcomers who need to know the ins and outs of posting cars on craigslist.  I'll walk you through setting up a craigslist.org account, uploading car pictures to a free website so you can show car pictures large, and then completing the HTML code to make it specific to your car you are posting.

Get FREE HTML Code Now!

This page is for those of you who already post cars on craigslist and just want the code!  There is no registration to go through and three easy steps.  Select a template, fill out your vehicle information, then the code is ready to use on any single posting ad sites! 

Car Dealers, Make your Life Easier!

I also sell a $49/mo software that lets you do a WHOLE lot more than what's on this site.  You can try it FREE for 14-days.  Post cars with up to 99 pictures, track your ad views, post on eBay, send cars to your Autotrader or Cars.com accounts, create your own templates and more!  FREE FOR 14-Days (Must be a valid car dealership) 

Features and Benefits of my FREE Template Code

100% Free and easy Code ready for posting
Professionally designed ads Designed specifically for craigslist
12 full size pictures Works for eBay and Backpage.com
Helps show off your vehicles New templates added often
Templates are dynamic in style Bulk load pictures from Imageshack

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